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When should I replace the springs?

Garage door springs and their other parts usually have a working life of up to a few years, and then they would be due for replacement. But if you don’t know the date of when yours are due, watch out for signs of them losing their flexibility and becoming brittle. They should then be replaced.

What should I do when my vehicle hits the door?

If you hit the garage door with your vehicle while parking, the immediate thing to do is to go towards the other direction to avoid getting the door stuck and to avoid further damage. Our specialists recommend taking extra caution when parking your vehicle to avoid damage.

Why springs break after a few years?

They are manufactured to last for a specific number of cycles (which is the full opening and closing movement of the door). There are variations as to how many cycles they would last for but, as an overall, they lose tension and some of their power in each cycle and springs must be flexible.

Is it normal for the door to slowly close or open?

If your door suddenly starts moving at a speed slower than what you have been accustomed to, there could be problems with your garage door tracks or in the chains. Our experts recommend cleaning and lubrication maintenance. If there are bent or dented portions, these should be fixed by a competent repair person.

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